A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

EDIT: Fixed a few las-moment issues, added a few bugs, added some music and SFX.

Also added an APK, if you'd prefer to try this "masterpiece" on your phone ;)

My entry for this Godot Game Jam ended up unfortunately being mostly an early prototype of me playing with some of Godot's 3D tools.

Because I only started working 2 days before the deadline, I ended up using this mainly to try out Navigation Meshes, COLLADA Import (which is still quite iffy) & Animation Cropping and a few plugins.

Respecting the Jam's theme you can only use two buttons to control the game, the mouse's buttons.

Left-click is used for moving and attacking.

Right-click is used to rotate the camera.

The enemies are quite harmless, so take your time... :)

Code is released under MIT. See the CREDITS.txt file for the assets.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play. Hope you can get some fun out of this.


fighter_osx.zip 40 MB
fighter_win32.zip 27 MB
fighter_x11_32.zip 30 MB
fighter_x11_64.zip 30 MB
fighter.apk 36 MB
fighter_fix.apk 36 MB
fighter_osx_fix.zip 40 MB
fighter_win32_fix.zip 27 MB
fighter_x11_x32_fix.zip 30 MB
fighter_src_fixed.zip 23 MB


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can you play on android, controller?!

love the idea, if it is not restricted by the theme, I think it could be a better game. Nice that you managed to finish it in 2 days :)